Retro styling blends with cutting edge tecnology

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RLMS Sales has turned the spotlight this week on a fantastic new product that could offer a much needed solution to the ongoing dilemma facing operators over their popular, but increasingly ageing legacy games. Hailing from the hugely respected Electrocoin stable, BAR-X 7even delivers all the timeless appeal of the original BAR-X phenomenon, but this time round in an ultra-reliable package that makes the most of modern technology.

From a player perspective, BAR-X 7even looks, feels and plays exactly like their favourite original, right down to the beautiful chrome cabinet and instantly familiar branding. Where Electrocoin has struck a major difference is in the build, which now utilises tried and trusted Scorpion 6 technology complete with NV9 note acceptor as standard and TITO compatibility. BAR-X 7even is available with a £25 jackpot on 25p/30p play options and is fully compliant with current technical standards.

Territory Sales Manager Jonathan Lauder explained: “The challenge for Electrocoin was to transform one of the most iconic games ever created into a contemporary product that is fit for purpose in today’s operating environment.  And they had to achieve that without losing the key ingredients that made it such a classic in the first place. BAR-X 7even does that brilliantly with its winning combination of retro styling and cutting edge technology.”

He added: “Players will continue to be delighted with a game that has no noticeable difference from the original classic, either in the way it looks or plays. Similarly, operators can be reassured that they have a fully compliant game that will be more reliable and continue to be a firm favourite for future generations of players.”

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Project Poker compendium selling fast

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National distribution specialist RLMS Sales has turned the spotlight this week on Multi Poker, the incredible Category C Poker compendium hailing from widely acclaimed manufacturer Project. And the firm is urging operators to move fast with their orders as availability is becoming increasingly limited.

Launched in May this year, Multi Poker offers three compelling game titles that players will simply love to play. They comprise Jacks or Better, Chase the Ace Double Jackpot and Find the Lady Ultimate Gamble. Each is available on 50p/£1 stake option with a maximum payout of £100. This great looking compendium is presented in the eye-catching 100 Series cabinet on Innocore technology with a stunning 19 inch screen and NV10 note acceptor as standard.

Key Account Manager Chris Widdowson commented: “AGC and bingo operators have the perfect opportunity here to get their hands on a cracking compendium from a manufacturer that really knows and understands the game of Poker. However, they’ll need to be quick. Multi Poker has been a big seller and as a result, we only have limited availability. Get your orders in now – when they’re gone they’re gone!”

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RLMS redemption portfolio offers something for all locations

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When it comes to the redemption sector, supplying a great range of games is arguably just as much an art form as is designing and building them. To that end, RLMS Sales has been working with some of the most talented manufacturers in the business to create a redemption portfolio that will bring a splash of colour and entertainment to myriad amusement locations throughout the country.

Hailing from the Astra Games’ stable is Batman Begins Redemption, a beautifully conceived three-player that has already proved to be a big hit with players since its initial trade launch earlier this year. The game has incredible presence and walk-up appeal, especially in the multiplayer WOW cabinet which has been stunningly themed to bring the Dark Knight character to life in an arcade setting. A combination of vivid graphics, rich sound and simple game play is winning over a growing number of redemption fans who are looking for a larger than life experience.

Operators looking for an innovative twist on the redemption format should look no further than Project’s Crazy Chicken which has already gone on record as being an industry game changer. According to Project, this is the first video slot redemption product of its kind. It comes presented in three-player format with a choice of payouts, either 800 or 1,600 tickets, and stunning 3-D animated graphics.

leeds-based Concept Games is no slouch when it comes to producing highly entertaining and often iconic rebuild products across all machine categories. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the firm has delivered a brace of excellent redemption games that will really stand out from the crowd. Both Puffing Billy and The Wizz offer a single player redemption experience at 2p play with a maximum 500 ticket payout. Each has been colourfully themed and designed to deliver a hugely engaging experience. They are housed in the Eclipse cabinet on Pluto 4 technology and benefit from the inclusion of Concept’s fast coin feed system.

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Astra Games compendium delivers new and classic titles

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RLMS Sales launches a brand new Cat B3 title this week that will delight players with what is unarguably the biggest and brightest palette of games currently available in the market. Hailing from Astra Games, the leading innovator in game design and manufacturing, Hot Slotto 500 comprises a 27-strong compendium of titles that span the complete spectrum of gaming experiences including casino, action, free spins, Roulette and pots.

At the very heart of this incredible compendium lies a host of top performing games such as Lucky Lady’s Charm, Party Games Slotto, Reel King Potty, Aloha Honey, Sticky Reel King and Dolphins Pearl. These player favourites are joined by a trio of brand new offerings in the shape of Reel King Action, Up Spinner and Rise of the Reels.

Hot Slotto 500 is presented in the iconic FV600 cabinet and is written on Firefox technology. For player convenience it comes fitted as standard with an NV11 note recycler and is fully TITO compatible. Players can also take advantage of multi-stake options of 20p/25p/50p/£1/£2 depending on which game they choose to play.

Territory Sales Manager Jonathan Lauder noted: “Astra Games has built up an enviable portfolio that includes some of the most widely loved B3 titles in the market place. These undisputed top performers are firm favourites among AGC and bingo players across the country. With Hot Slotto 500, Astra has quite literally turned up the heat on the competition with a compendium of new and established games that looks and plays brilliantly as well as delivering a gaming experience to satisfy players of all tastes.”

Alan Rogers, Sales and Marketing Director at Astra Games, commented: “It’s vital that we support the market with products that give players the opportunity to access all of their favourite games, but in a package that also delivers something new and fresh. Hot Slotto 500 does exactly that with a highly compelling blend of the familiar and not-so-familiar that is bound to engage and excite.”

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Arcade classic is back with a bolder, brighter look and feel

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RLMS Sales, working in close alliance with Bell-Fruit Games, has taken the incredibly popular arcade classic, Golden Game, and given it a whole new lease of life. The initiative comes as a direct response to calls from operators seeking a newer, fresher version of this iconic player favourite.

Golden Game three-player offers dual Cat D and Cat C Lite category options and comes presented in the proven three-player WOW cabinet complete with illuminated top box and infill panels and is based on tried and trusted Scorpion 6 technology. Taking its styling and entertainment cues from one of the most successful three-players ever created, it delivers stunningly simple game play and head turning aesthetics.

For ultimate operator convenience, Golden Game features NV9 note acceptors and is available exclusively from RLMS Sales on six-month payment terms meaning that operators are able to pay as they earn.

Key Account Manager Chris Widdowson welcomed the launch, saying: “Golden Game is the perfect example of a brilliant game arising directly out of feedback from the market. We had a large number of customers who were looking to upgrade their original Golden Games which, while proving extremely popular, were being held together by sticking plaster!”

He added: “Through a market feedback session with the games team at Bell Fruit Games the seed for a new Golden Game was first sown. We worked together with the aim of creating a model that would remain steadfastly true to its roots in terms of game play. But on a physical level, the brief was to achieve a look that was fresher, more vibrant and befitting of a 21st Century venue. Just one glance at the finished article and only a few spins of the reels show beyond doubt that the team at Bell-Fruit has delivered magnificently on both counts.”

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RLMS Sales gets the exclusive on Cops ‘n’ Robbers Gold

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One of the most iconic and successful brands in gaming makes a welcome return this week wearing a sharp new look and offering a thoroughly updated playing experience. Available exclusively from national distributor RLMS Sales, Bell-Fruit Games’ Cops ‘n’ Robbers Gold is a brand new Cat C title that will delight players in arcades up and down the country. The game is presented in BFG’s stunning Elite cabinet with eye-popping chrome detailing and an exciting reel to video format that breathes new life into the enduringly popular Cops ‘n’ Robbers theme.

Based on Scorpion 6 technology, Cops ‘n’ Robbers Gold delivers a classic chase game in a simple to play format. Players must achieve three or more swag bags in view to gain access to the Cops ‘n’ Robbers chase which is played out on the game’s colourful TFT screen. The aim is to avoid the pursuing cop as they pick up cash awards around the board. Failure to evade him will force a move to the ID Parade where there’s a chance you’ll be let off, receive compensation or caught bang to rights. But even if you get ‘nicked’ you still get to keep your haul!

Territory Sales Manager Freddie Shreeve commented: “Arcade operators seeking out a brand new take on a tried and tested classic game should look no further than this latest offering from Bell-Fruit Games. Available exclusively from RLMS Sales, Cops ‘n’ Robbers Gold is instantly recognisable to legions of players who have come to know and love its timeless theme. And by putting it into Elite - unarguably the best looking cabinet on the market – it now benefits from a truly contemporary look and feel and a reel to video experience that players will instantly warm to.” 

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RLMS to offer new B4 Batman The Dark Knight

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National distributor RLMS Sales, part of NOVOMATIC UK, has a hot new exclusive for the British club sector available from this week in the intriguing shape of Bell-Fruit Games’ Batman The Dark Knight. The Cat B4 model comes loaded with a set of darkly entertaining features designed to keep club players engaged and coming back for more.

Presented in the Eclipse cabinet on tried and trusted Scorpion 6 technology, Batman The Dark Knight delivers a £400 jackpot on 25p/50p/£1/£2 stake or a £250 jackpot on either 10p/20p/50p/£1 or 10p/25p/50p/£1 stake. Players are challenged to achieve three gold bats on the win-line to start the feature, with four bats in a row kicking off the high paying Dark Knight Board.

Territory Sales Manager Karen Sarosi explained more. “We’re delighted to be able to offer this incredible new licensed title to our club customers across the UK,” she said. “The Batman theme resonates deeply with players of all ages – it’s compelling and enduring in equal measure and, when allied to a great game like this, delivers entertainment in spades.”

She added: “The design team at Bell-Fruit Games have done a brilliant job in ensuring that the game itself more than lives up to this amazing licence. They’ve really done it justice and it’s testament to the importance that we as a group place on the club sector. Times may have changed in the club business, but there’s still a real need for innovative, best of breed games and Batman The Dark Knight fits that requirement perfectly.”

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Coinslot Park Avenue Open Day Q&A with Tony Glanville, Managing Director, RLMS Sales

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With RLMS' experience in the field, how do you assess the market in 2017? What product types are doing well and driving growth?

RLMS has enjoyed a positive 2017 to date the catalyst being strong results and healthy order books generated at the EAG and ICE shows in January and February.  Operators are continuing to invest in equipment because they see the benefits from having an up to date and appealing offer for their players.  Our job is to provide operators with a broad product offering to ensure they can access games that will suit their specific needs regardless of the sector they operate in.

How do you feel the current market trends, and wider economic trends are affecting the industry?

The biggest impact for us this year has been the introduction of the new £1 coin which has cost operators both time and money. They were forced to react quickly as there is only a relatively small window between the introduction of the new £1 coin and the removal of the old.  The new £1 coin has placed a significant logistical and financial burden on operators and the related costs of its introduction cannot be passed on as we are restricted by stake limits. The other frustration in terms of the bigger picture is the potential delay to the Triennial caused by the announcement of a snap election.  Not only does this add to the long wait for an increase in stakes and prizes but also delays the potential reduction in stakes on FOBTs where we hope the playing field is going to be levelled out and operators are competing on environment, customer experience and product offering  rather than stake.

Where do you see growth for RLMS specifically going forward?

We work with all our suppliers to identify market trends and where we should be aligning ourselves to capitalise on growth opportunities in whatever market or product category they are presented in.  

Regarding the Park Avenue Open Day, if any, what products, or product types, do you see being of the most interest at the show?

Park Avenue attracts a diverse range of suppliers so there is always a broad range of products on view.  Products that are going to be of most interest are any that have come to market post EAG or ICE that operators have not yet had the chance to physically see or a product that was new at EAG and ICE and has performed well in the early part of the year that operators may have overlooked.  The best way not to miss anything is to get to NW10 on June 7th.

How do you feel the more focused scope of the event can be of particular benefit to those visiting and exhibiting?

The one day Park Avenue Open Day format is ideal - it is our own ‘snap’ event which works beautifully for exhibitors and attendees. The fact that it takes place over just one day means it does not disrupt the working week too much and is also cost effective. The Park Ave teams have fine tuned the event over recent years and, in doing so, have ensured that it remains a ‘must do’ event in the industry’s calendar.

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Coin Slot Q&A with Tony Glanville, Managing Director, RLMS Sales

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In the grand scheme of the amusements industry, how important are coastal operations, both from a cultural and economic perspective?

Coastal operations have a rich heritage; they are the cornerstone of the UK tourist industry and, as such, play an important part within the UK economy.  Being an island nation it is in our blood to want to visit and spend time by the sea.  Coastal businesses are vitally important to RLMS Sales; many of our customers are based in seaside resorts and our sales team spend a lot of time with them, particularly at the beginning of the year. It’s a key requirement that we understand their needs for the coming season and ensure we provide the very best products so they have the optimum portfolio of games to offer visitors during the peak trading times.

There are many different types of venues on the coast that invest in amusements - from piers to holiday parks to FECs - but which sectors contributes the largest percentage of your company’s sales? Have you seen any changes in this over the years, and do you think it is trending to change for the years ahead?

All the venues we supply to are equally important to us. But in terms of percentage contribution it would be from FECs simply due to the fact there is a greater number of that type of establishment at the coast than any other. This has always been the case and I can see no reason for that changing in the foreseeable future.

Which of your product-types are particularly popular on the coast? Obviously it can be dependant on venue, but on that line of thinking, are particular venue-types drawn to particular types of products?

Within our portfolio we offer a range of products that suit coastal establishments. This year for example we have done extremely well with the three-player centre piece Cat D from Astra Batman Begins. In terms of redemption, Project’s Crazy Chicken multi-player has been the star of the early season. Birthday Blaster’s innovative Tik-Kit system has also been well received and allows operators the chance to convert older ‘coin only’ pushers to operate on redemption. We also have a strong range of SWPs from Supernova, notably Skill Ball Pacman and Skill Ball Deluxe 2. Our objective is to have a wide and varied selection of games available. It is down to the sales representative to understand the operator’s business, see what works and what does not and then recommend products from the portfolio that will complement the existing range.

In terms of AGCs on the coast - which may be attached to an arcade or FEC area- do you feel they have a geographical edge on their inland counterparts? Does this impact the types of machines they invest in?

It varies massively from venue to venue. We have customers that are very much family orientated whose gaming offer represents only a small percentage of their overall mix. However, while their target audience is families, they want to ensure that if a regular bingo, AGC or pub player is visiting their location they have an up-to-date offering for them as well. On the flip side, we have other customers at the coast that don’t rely solely on seasonal traffic. They have a 365 day business and attract a large local customer base. These locations invariably have a larger gaming mix as they fulfil the local AGC need and they like to invest in the latest games to offer the very best experience to their players.  Obviously these variations have an impact on product requirements. We offer a wide range of new and refurbished gaming  equipment, hence we are able to cater for everyone’s needs whether they want the very latest B3 digital compendium or a competitively priced refurbished Cat C to simply freshen up their offering.  All customers have to do is remember one number and that’s ours at RLMS Sales!

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Riding a wave of video nostalgia

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RLMS Sales has joined forces with Fatcat Softworks in developing the perfect solution for operators who would like to add some retro cool to their product offering and utilise off-site stocks of Paragon TT or TT09 cabinets. Retro Arcade does what it says on the tin – it offers three great, old school video games comprising Cosmic Invaders, Super Fatcat and Gasteroids, complete with joystick and button action to recreate that classic video arcade look and feel.

Operators have two options. They can buy the complete product ready built and housed in the Paragon TT or TT 09 cabinet for just over a £1,000 or purchase it as a kit to be fitted to their own existing Paragon cabinets for well under a £1,000. It comes with an arcade quality joystick and play buttons, a brand new PC with new memory and a solid state hard drive for fast load times. Also included is eye-catching artwork printed on high quality, hard wearing acrylic panels and a topper to attract maximum player attention.

The three-game compendium offers classic, retro styles and each can be played by one or two players. Additionally, they feature high score tables to allow for local challenges and tournament play. As these games are for entertainment only, they are not subject to MGD and require no permit, meaning no restrictions as to where they can be sited. That gives operators the opportunity to increase their sited machine density within their existing client base and assists driving overall site income.  Alternatively, it allows them to offer products into totally virgin areas growing their customer base and sited machine numbers.

Territory Sales Manager Karen Sarosi commented: “We know there’s a ready supply of Paragon TT cabinets lying fallow that could be re-energised and earning money for operators. With Retro Arcade, these perfectly good cabinets can be back in operation and helping players enjoy some of those classic sights and sounds from the halcyon days of video. There’s currently a big wave of nostalgia for all things retro and this package, whether purchased outright or as a kit, taps right into that.”

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