RLMS Sales Announces Exclusive Bull Dog Games Deal

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National distributor RLMS Sales, part of NOVOMATIC UK, has announced a UK exclusive deal with newly launched sister company Bulldog Games to distribute their new range of non gaming and ticket redemption products launched at EAG 2018 to great fanfare.

RLMS Sales Managing Director, Tony Glanville commented: “The tagline for the new range of products from Bull Dog Games at EAG 2018 was ‘Be Amazed’ and for an opening salvo from a new company, this was a stunning line up of both non gaming and ticket redemption products.  We are proud to have exclusive UK distribution of the Bull Dog Games line up and seeing the reaction of operators at EAG 2018 was incredible.  With DOND and Monopoly pushers and the Monopoly Roll Down along side a huge line up of video ticket redemption games including Ben Bones and Monopoly Skyscraper their range of new products was second to none.”

Bulldog Games Managing Director, Pete Collinge added: “We are delighted to announce our distribution deal with RLMS Sales, they have one of the most knowledgeable sales teams in the industry.  We are all hard at work to ensure this is the most successful range of non gaming and ticket redemption for many years.”

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Reece Newman Joins RLMS Sales Sales Team

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RLMS Sales has announced the appointment this week of Reece Newman, who joins the firm as Territory Accounts Manager with responsibility for managing RLMS Sales non gaming and ticket redemption lines.  These includes the newly launched Bulldog Games range of products which are exclusive to RLMS Sales in the UK. Newman, whose role became effective from January 2018, brings a depth of knowledge and sales pedigree to the RLMS Sales team, having specialised in these product lines for JNC for six years.

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Play Together, Win Together with RLMS Sales

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National distribution specialist RLMS Sales has a stunning new redemption game with a licence that’s instantly recognisable worldwide.  Launching at EAG 2018 the Bulldog Games Emoji Fun Factory is the very first ticket redemption community game, a stunning centre piece for any FEC J.

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Coinslot Bingo Q&A with Tony Glanville Managing Director RLMS Sales

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The increasing prominence of gaming machines within bingo halls has come hand in hand with the game’s overall maturation. Coinslot spoke to Tony Glanville, managing director at RLMS Sales about his considerable experience within the sector and the future of the market going into 2018.

Coinslot: How have you viewed the growth of machine gaming in the bingo market?

Tony Glanville: “Gaming machines have played a significant role in the success of bingo halls ever since the restriction on machine numbers changed and the bingo environment moved away from the old converted cinema type venues to the purpose built flat floor facilities that we see today. Machines are a core part of the bingo experience and operators have invested significantly into their machine offering as they understand the contribution  that machines make to the bottom line.”

CS: Are there any particular products or licenses are you seeing doing particularly well?

TG: “The key to successful machine offering in a bingo club is variety, to ensure that you have on offer for the player a complete range of styles of games whether that is traditional analogue or the latest digital offering. There must also be a diverse range of prices of play and jackpots on offer to cater for all players tastes and budgets so you can attract the player who wishes to play for a £500 jackpot on a B3 or the player that wants to buy some time and is more than happy to play a 20p £10 Cat C Lite product during the interval.”

CS: How do gaming placements assist the social aspect of the bingo experience?

TG: “Bingo plays a very important role in the social makeup of a community. The players see it as their club and it becomes a venue for them to meet their friends as well as have the opportunity to play bingo and the machines. The machine offering in a modern club is prominent and accessible, Bingo operators now design their clubs with machines in mind. Machine areas are open now before, during and after the bingo sessions meaning players can access product when it suits them rather than being confined to play within intervals. Many clubs have dedicated machine staff making sure the machines are clean and available to play as well as interacting with the players, which completes the service offering ensuring the customer is king.”

CS: Bingo halls have come a long way since their inception in terms of technology, how has this benefitted machine uptake?

TG: “The bingo market has always been willing to embrace new concepts and technologies. Bingo was at the forefront of adopting new cabinet styles to give the venues and their machine areas a sense of theatre. I was very lucky to work with the industry bingo machine legend Terry Mac of Mecca Bingo who taught me the importance of the look and style of the product for the player. Similarly when digital products came to market, Bingo again was a market quick to embrace the new technology and prove that you could take a player on a journey and move them from one product offering to another. Bingo was also the leader in community gaming which linked back into the social side of the bingo experience where you had groups of pals playing the machines together working together to activate the machines community features.  The combination of great looking cabinets with eye catching top boxes, great games presented either digitally or traditionally on reels with ongoing investment from the bingo operators ensure that cash boxes are constantly being driven forward.”

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Industry Icon receives the HD treatment

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National distribution specialist RLMS Sales has a new offering from Project that revitalises one of the industry’s most popular low stake gaming machines, bringing new features and enhancements while keeping the same game play that made the original machine so successful.  Launching at EAG 2018 Projects Free Play 500 HD is all set to build on the original Free Play 500’s iconic status.

Cat B3 game Free Play 500 HD is presented in the Project 100 Series cabinet and is built on the robust and reliable Innocore technology.  It has a fixed stake of £1 with enhanced HD graphics, comes fitted with an NV11 note recycler and is TITO compatible.  With proven income potential, retailers can invest in this iconic product with confidence.

Territory Sales Manager Freddie Shreeve remarked: “When it comes to successful B3 games, Project has a catalogue of games which can be found in AGC’s and Bingo halls all across the county.  When the original Free Play 500 launched in 2009 it quickly created a strong following.  Now 8 years later, operators requested an updated version to build on the legacy of the original game.  With the first HD machines starting to roll out in the new year, we are expecting the Free Play 500 name to go from strength to strength.”

Free Play 500 HD will be available for you to experience for yourself on RLMS Sales stand 650 at the EAG Expo, Excel London Exhibition Centre 16th – 18th January 2018.

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£100 Casino is a Paragon of virtue!

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RLMS Sales has turned the spotlight this week on £100 Casino, a new and innovative offering that delivers a variety of game styles in one convenient and cost-effective package. Produced in conjunction with FatCat Softworks, the creator of the highly successful Retro Arcade, £100 Casino delivers Cat C, SWP and tournament games and is compatible with any Paragon or Open cabinets.

According to RLMS, operators can either purchase the product as a kit to be installed by them or as a complete machine ready to plug in and go. It will come with a suite of popular Cat C titles, SWP games and tournament offerings including Tri Towers, and includes a lifetime game card. All games can be accessed directly by the player and it has the capacity to run up to six tournaments simultaneously.

Karen Sarosi, Territory Sales Manager at RLMS, explained more. “We know that there is a significant number of Paragon and Open cabinets currently lying fallow off-site that have the potential to be put to great use. All they need is a competitively priced, strong selection of games to make them viable again. £100 Casino offers the perfect solution. In kit form, it will help operators revitalise their off-site stock and, importantly, give them a new and entertaining product offering for their customers.”

She added: “We have worked hard with FatCat Softworks to ensure that £100 Casino delivers choice and flexibility for both operator and player. From an operator perspective, the selection of games and the ability to run up to six tournaments at once make this a fantastic addition to their locations. As for the players; they’ll be spoiled for choice with a package that includes some of the most compelling gaming and non-gaming content currently available.”

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Your Tik-Tik to Success

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RLMS Sales and manufacturer Birthday Blaster have been working together on an exciting concept that successfully combines two of the most popular arcade genres to add a thrilling new dimension to a variety of locations. TIK-KIT is a self-contained redemption unit that can be fitted to enhance four, six, eight and 12-player straight-bed pushers and comes in three different themes; Carnival, Casino, and Pirates.
TIK-KIT comes with eye-level ticket payout, operator selectable percentage payout and LED attract mode and can be installed within one to two hours. All ticket dispensers, ticket holders, PCBs, PSU and harness are contained within the unit. TIK-KIT also includes a themed win feature linked with the coin inputs whereby the player aims to drop the coin at the right time in order to stop the lights on a winning section. Importantly, operators can have mixed beds of 2p and 10p on the same system.

RLMS Sales MD Tony Glanville explained: “The redemption market continues to be a huge driving force for growth across our industry. However the one product that is still to convert fully is the pusher. Pushers are difficult to simply renew as lots of people are very happy with their current offering and they don’t feel the need to buy a new machine to offer redemption ticket payout.

"In answer to that the team at Birthday Blaster have developed a complete self-contained robust bolt on unit that can be simply installed in location by staff. Also in addition a complete sets of matching decals can be supplied which gives the pusher a whole new look and feel. Tickets are paid out at eye level so that customers get to see everyone winning and, unlike the standard systems in the market which pays out at their feet, it is very simple to refill without all the inconvenience of removing the pusher doors.”

He added: “We installed this system onto a national operator’s 12-year-old Sonic pusher and like-for-like sales doubled. For many weeks it beat the performance of brand new pushers which have ticket payout installed. They were delighted with the performance and based on the success of TIK-KIT they purchased further upgrade kits. They invested in further TIK-KIT systems due to the fact of the healthy rate of return-on-investment and ease of operational use. We will be showing the TIK-KIT system at EAG 2018. If you are thinking about upgrading your pushers to be able to pay out redemption don’t do anything until you come and look at this system. It’s cost effective and can deliver incredible results.”

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RLMS Sales is the best for B3

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Operators seeking to broaden out their B3 offering should look no further than national distributor RLMS Sales for access to the very best games and the soundest customer advice available. Part of NOVOMATIC UK, RLMS Sales adopts a specialist approach to each product sector and the B3 classification is no exception.

The firm is currently promoting four exciting B3 options, three hailing from the Astra Games stable and the fourth from Project. The Astra trio comprises VIP Lounge with Astra Games content; VIP Lounge with NOVOMATIC content; and Hot Slotto 500. Project’s Mega Bars Big Cash completes the picture.

VIP Lounge, available with two incredible content packages, needs little introduction. With its unrivalled approach to aesthetics and playability, this is a game changer for the UK coin-op sector. Put simply, there is nothing else in the market that looks or plays with such class. Turning to Hot Slotto, RLMS Sales is now making this brilliant performer available with the incredible Batman Begins for an additional £995 to new and existing customers.

Mega Bars Big Cash is a perfect fit for AGC and bingo customers looking for a compelling gaming experience, allied to a greater choice of stake options. Project has added in a £1.50 stake which gives the player the chance to stake up more moderately and increase their chances of winning without having to commit to a full £2 price of play. Operators also have the flexibility to re-enable the machine’s tab menu which frees up a further 23 games.

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Coinslot Cat B3 Q&A with Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS Sales

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Q: How have you perceived the performances of Cat B3 units so far this year, and do you see this continuing into 2018?
A: B3 is a mature market, but it is one that operators constantly look to invest in as the sector is a significant contributor to operators’ overall turnover.  They are always are on the lookout for innovative concepts to give them the edge on other high street operators and offer best in breed hardware and content solutions to keep their product portfolio fresh and their players engaged.

Q: What do you see as being the standout products, be they licenses, units, or content in the Cat B3 marketplace?
A: Our portfolio comprises some of the strongest content available. For example, we have the NOVOMATIC range of games that are recognised internationally with players, which lends us extremely broad appeal. Astra have a great line up and their latest compendium of 26 games offers content from all the NOVOMATIC UK games houses, giving unrivalled choice for both the operator and the player. This is different to other games in the market which are just re-skins of previous titles. In addition we have from Project the hugely successful Mega Bars which can be purchased as a standalone unit or part of a compendium and has a significant player following the length and breadth of the country.  

Q: What are the key features of the machine category that make them popular?
A: There is no one size fits all in the B3 sector; we can have a product that is particularly strong in one geographic area because of its demographics and on the reverse the same product does not necessarily have the same appeal in other parts of the country.  We do see differences in player preference within the M25 and major cities compared to what is popular in provincial towns.  Our job as a distributor is to understand our customers’ business, know our products and ensure we are recommending the best products or games for our customers’ premises.

Q: Are there any developments or innovations that you believe will be pushing the category forward in the near future?
A: Without doubt the entry of the VIP Lounge into our portfolio is a significant move forward and a real game changer in being able to offer players the ultimate gaming experience. The VIP lounge is available with either the NOVOMATIC or Astra suite of B3 games. For operators the VIP Lounge will become a must have addition to their B3 areas as it gives that point of difference over LBO’s and will demonstrate to players that there is investment being made to give them the very best comfort and presentation possible. The other really exciting benefit for operators with the Astra range and commercial package that’s available is that they are investing in an ongoing development pipeline of games. This includes regular updates for the VIP Lounge from the NOVOMATIC UK games design houses. Already we have seen the introduction of the eye-catching Batman Begins from Astra and the visually stunning Up Spinner from BFG giving real breadth to the range of games available. It’s a big demonstration in the Group’s commitment to investing in appealing licences and diversifying our game offering.

Q: Do you feel the machine holding limitations in premises for the units should be re-evaluated?
A: We welcome and support any recommendations that Bacta in consultation with its members within Division 3 identify. At the present moment in time we are all focussed on what the result will be of the DCMS consultation document that is looking to reduce the stakes of FOBT’s on the high street to anywhere between £50 and £2 to give AGC and bingo operators more of an equal footing against LBO’s. I believe the review of the stake is far higher on the agenda presently than looking at machine numbers entitlements.

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RLMS looking forward with relish to ACOS 2017

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RLMS Sales, the UK’s number one distribution specialist, will have a stand that’s simply brimming with innovation and variety at next week’s ACOS event. The firm, part of NOVOMATIC UK, has gone the extra mile to bring customers a showcase portfolio that has gaming, redemption and non-gaming perfectly covered.

From NOVOMATIC Group stable mate Astra, products are set to include  the 26 game compendium Hot Slotto 500 (B3); Party Slots 2  (C); the 2017 season’s sensation Batman Begins three-player (D); and the stunningly versatile Video End of Bank promotional system.

Sister company Bell-Fruit Games is also well represented with a line-up of games including Monopoly Roll Down (ticket); Golden Game three-player (C); DOND Redial (C); Batman The Dark Knight Club (B4); Emoji (ticket); and Bar X 7even (C). Completing this brilliant assemblage is a brace from Project comprising Multi Poker and Bank It Poker (C), alongside Casino King (C) from G Squared.

Key Account Manager Chris Widdowson, earmarked four BFG titles from the line-up for special attention, saying: “Monopoly Roll Down and Emoji are two exciting new debutantes for the FEC sector and they will be unveiled for the first time next week. Monopoly Roll Down is a 2p roll down game that has produced fantastic test results throughout the summer and we have high expectations of it. And in Emoji, we will be offering a first for the market with a licensed community redemption game that encourages family and friends to play together.”

He added: “We’ve also been working hard as a group on behalf of the AGC and bingo sectors. With Golden Game and Bar X 7even, BFG have brought two perennial favourites bang up to date by incorporating within them the very latest technology and added flexibility of being able to utilise the most current payment systems including note recyclers and TITO. As a result, these instantly recognisable classics that are so popular with players have been given a brand new lease of life.

“Once again we have a formidable range of games across all the main categories – effectively there is something for everyone in our line up. Whether customers are looking for the hottest licensed products or something more classic, we have all the bases covered.”

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